Boat users who see dolphins, whales or porpoises are asked to respect their environment and right to freedom and privacy – and in so doing encourage them to breed and interact with each other in a natural way

If you encounter cetaceans on passage, do keep a steady course and slow speed. However, if you wish to observe them always cut your engine completely and drift, limiting your time to a maximum of 15 minutes.

Boats and dolphins can coexist if care is taken to observe the following code of conduct.

Do not chase dolphins or drive a boat directly towards them; wherever possible, let them approach you.

Do not respond to them by changing course or speed in a sudden or erratic manner – slowing down or stopping suddenly can confuse and alarm dolphins as much as sudden acceleration.

Avoid dolphins with young.

Do not swim with, touch or feed dolphins – for your safety and for theirs.

Ensure that no more than one boat is within 100 yards, or three boats within half a mile of dolphins at any one time.

If you must observe, limit your time to 15 minutes, and then leave the dolphins to their own peace and quiet.

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Bottlenose dolphin

Pilot whale

Risso dolphin